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Contemporary Muslim Ethics of Abortion.E. This paper explores factors that impede or facilitate the sharing of genetic information within a sample of British Pakistani families. Alison Shaw, Senior Research Fellow in Social Anthropology, Department of Public Health, Old Road Campus, University of Oxford. 7 The dominant local view, that abortion is only per- missible in circumstances that threaten the mothers life, reects the fact that obtaining information about the medical status of the embryo or

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foetus has only become a recent possibility, as a consequence of technological inno. Some- times, medical personnel do not raise the topic of prenatal testing and abortion with Muslim patients, believing that there is no point in doing so because abortion is forbid- den in Islam. The range of views on the permissibility of abor- tion within Islamic scholarship also reects the fact that the moral status of the foetus in Islamic law is contested, because the beginning of life is imprecisely dened in the Quran and Hadith. Alison Shaw is Senior Research Fellow in Social Anthropology at the University of Oxfords Department of Public Health and a Senior Asso- ciate at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.

In 13 couples (4.3) linkage analysis was required for the fetal diagnosis. It is rarely discussed directly. Islamic medical ethics has never been discussed as an independent field of ethics, although several selected topics, especially those concerning sexuality, birth control and abortions, have been more discussed than others. Anthropological evidence sug- gests that in societies where infant mortality is high, miscarriage and stillbirth receive little social acknowl- edgement, and may be spoken of with a lack of emotion, despite the distress to women. I am grateful to colleagues in the Regional Genetics Service for their support, most especially. Thalassaemia module of the UK Confidential Enquiry into Counselling for Genetic Disorders. Couples may simply tell their relatives that they lost the pregnancy, saying in Urdu or Punjabi that the baby fell. It was buried in the snowdrop garden of the public cemetery, which is designated for miscarried or stillborn babies, rather than in the Muslim section of the cemetery.

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Abnormalities fromall sample OF pakistani muslim. Shakeela also consulted her sister. Acknowledgements I thank the Wellcome Trust UK, who awarded me a grant (GR063078MA) for the eldwork from which this paper draws; the relevant NHS local research ethics committee, for prospectively review- ing and approving the research and colleagues at the Regional Hospital who issued. Some also experienced private unease or guilt that they had done wrong, or felt com- pelled to conceal their decision for fear of disapproval from relatives and other community members, even if their decision had been a responsible one that balanced different potential harms. Islamic Biomedical Ethics: Principles and Appli- cation. The paper also identies parents concerns and feelings of wrong-doing regarding the withdrawal of articial life-support from infants with multiple abnormalities. 13 Shaikh, op te 9,. For the parents of babies who sur- vived birth but were kept alive by technological means, it raised questions concerning the permissibility of with- drawing life support from a baby in fuck girl fuck girl naista naidaan intensive care. In the UK, Muslim burials take place within designated sections of local public cemeteries and in theory any Muslim who dies may be buried in the local Muslim cemetery, including (according to the Shai school, at least) a stillborn baby or miscarried foetus born. So many people dont know what. Other study participants shared this view, which would seem to imply that, for them, receiving aza n is central fuck girl fuck girl naista naidaan to dening Muslim personhood. 26 These studies challenge stereotypes about the role of cultural and religious difference in reproductive decision-making. 25 Parents who have had a child with a genetic problem and know they have a recurrence risk make decisions about prenatal diagnosis and abortion that reect the circumstances of their lives, marriages and family, and may or may not include religious consider- ations. One Pakistani couple, I heard, their baby was born dead, they just left it in the hospital. Many of these new spouses cannot speak English and are unfamiliar with English culture, which continues to slow down the pace of integration of Mirpuris. Contemp South Asia, 2006; 15; 2: 209220. For some parents, whether their newborn baby would draw breath was a main worry, with implications for the baby's Muslim identity and for the recognition of loss the parents would receive from family and community. The paper also identifies parents' concerns and feelings of wrong-doing regarding the withdrawal of artificial life-support from infants with multiple abnormalities. This was a source of consider- able anxiety to her, which she eventually raised with her doctors. Prenatal diagnosis was offered in 69 (274/400) of pregnancies, ranging from 94 (122/130) for British Cypriots to 54 (80/149) for British Pakistanis and from 90 in the south east of England to 39 in the West Midlands. 21 This debate involves a process of inter- pretation and reasoning that seeks to relate the revealed sources to the circumstances of Muslim life, and as a result ethics constantly changes fuck girl fuck girl naista naidaan as it relates to circum- stances, which are seldom static. I also thank Mohammad Akram of the Oxford Centre for Islamic studies for discussing with me details of Muslim burial practices as these are discussed escort agricultural machinery sexy cam tube com within Islamic scholarship. J Genet Couns, 2008; 17; 4: 373382;. 2 Shaw Hurst, 2008,. As Shakeela explained during an interview: I thought I might, even before the scan showed the uid on the husband said he would support me, but my Mum said in our religion termi- nation is a sin, it is murder and God will punish you. In relation to abor- tion and withdrawal of life support, parents clearly felt the need for backing in the form of an authoritative religious opinion where there was potential conict with dominant local views.

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24 This prejudging of patients religious views regarding reproductive decisions undermines the prin- ciple of equality of access to health services. Genetic counsellors need to be aware of the range of ideas that patients may bring to a genetics consultation without presuming that any particular set of ideas will apply in any given case. The issues identied here reect the concerns of a small sample of British parents with family origins in Mirpur district in Azad Kashmir. We found a lack of English often restricted one partner's access to genetic information and partners fluent in English sometimes withheld information to protect a partner (usually the wife) from blame, stigma or feelings of marital insecurity. Note 9,.120; see also Ebrahim, 1988,. Parental consanguinity is a risk factor for congenital anomaly. In Choices and Decisions in Health Care.

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On the contrary, Pakistani Muslim women do sometimes have abortions, for social, psycho- logical and medical reasons. The Arranged Transnational Cousin Marriages of British Pakistanis: Critique, Dissent and Cultural Continuity Alison Shaw Links with kin âback homeâ have been central to Pakistani migration and settlement in Britain. Several other parents of babies unlikely to live long shared this concern; Shakeela, for example (Case 1) had also worried that her father would not reach the hospital in time to perform aza. Talibs subsequent private disquiet was striking; he seemed haunted by the idea that he might, nonetheless, have done the wrong thing, or that, even if his personal conscience is clear, his decision would be strongly disapproved of by other members of his commu- nity. However, he simply told his family, including his wife, that the baby died. Rispler- Chaim, 1993, op te 7;.F.M. Having discussed the matter with a religious authority whose opinion he could trust, Talib felt able to live with his decision; talking to his pirhad lessened his burden.

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muslima site rencontre international mature urdu meaning Family Planning in the legacy of Islam. Case 2 This case concerns another UK-raised woman, Sameena, married to a cousin from Pakistan, whose rst baby was born by Caesarean section www bakeca incontri it annunci sesso napoli at 36 weeks and lived for 3 days. Two renowned Islamic scholars, consulted before the service was introduced, ruled that a pregnancy can be terminated if the fetus is affected by a serious genetic disorder, and if termination is before 120 days (17 weeks) of gestation.
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